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Dinosaur Playdough Mats


These dinosaur playdough mats are such a fun addition to fine motor centers! They’re great for kids in Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten.

Why Is Playdough Important for Developing Fine Motor Skills?

  1. Playdough helps kids develop fine motor skills by encouraging them to use small hand movements.
  2. Squishing, rolling, and shaping the dough strengthens their hand muscles.
  3. These activities improve dexterity, important for tasks like writing and using scissors.
  4. Manipulating playdough enhances hand coordination and finger control.
  5. Regular playdough play leads to better precision and control in children’s hand movements.

Dinosaur Playdough Activities

The following fine motor activities are an awesome way for kids to manipulate the playdough into different shapes using their hands. The pictures are in black and white so you can use any color playdough you like. There’s also a color example in the top right hand corner which kids may like to copy if they have access to the little tubs of colored playdough.

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the mats for added durability. Alternatively, put them inside a dry erase pocket sleeve. Then grab some playdough and you’re all set!

How to Play – First choose a mat and name the dinosaur. Then squish, roll and shape the dough with your hands to make the dinosaur.

Tip – These playdough mats are a fun way to introduce maths concepts such as longer, shorter, bigger, smaller, more and less. For example, “It looks like you need some more playdough to make a longer piece for the tail!”.

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I hope your kids enjoy learning about dinosaurs with these hands-on learning activities. I’ve included a variety of mats including dinosaurs and related things such as dino dig tools! You can learn more about them by clicking the download button below.


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