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Holiday Playdough Mats


These holiday themed playdough mats help kids develop fine motor skills and are great for kids in Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten. The playdough activities focus on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President’s Day (Patriotic) and Back to School time!

No Cook Playdough Recipe

Here’s one of my favorite ways of making playdough. This particular recipe is safest carried out by an adult, due to the use of hot water.



  1. Mix Dry Ingredients: In a large bowl, combine the salt and cream of tartar.
  2. Prepare Wet Ingredients: Get an adult to pour in the hot water and vegetable oil. Then give the ingredients a stir.
  3. Combine: Gradually stir in the flour until a dough starts to form. Be very careful with the hot water.
  4. Knead the Dough: Once the mixture cools down a bit and is safe to touch, knead it on a flat surface until it becomes smooth and consistent.
  5. Cool Down: Let the dough cool completely.
  6. Add the Food Coloring: I usually wear gloves to knead in the food coloring. Keep kneading the playdough until it’s the color you want. If it’s too sticky, you can knead in a bit more flour. I find a little bit of extra oil helps make the dough extra soft too.
  7. Store Properly: Keep the playdough in an airtight container to maintain its softness.


Holiday Themed Playdough Mats

The following playdough activities are a fun way for kids to develop fine motor skills whilst also learning about various celebrations. The pictures are in black and white so you can use any color playdough you like. There’s also a color example in the top right hand corner which kids may like to copy if they have access to the little tubs of colored playdough.

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the mats for added durability. Alternatively, put them inside a dry erase pocket sleeve. Then grab some playdough and you’re all set!

How to Play – First choose a mat and name the picture. Then squish, roll and shape the dough with your hands to make the item.

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I hope you find these playdough mats helpful. You can grab them as part of a discounted bundle. Click the download button below to learn more.


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