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Phonics Activities With Milk Caps (Bottle Lids)


These phonics activities help kids learn sound patterns using recycled milk caps (bottle lids). Milk caps are fun, tactile and are an easy way to adapt activities for kids in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade or Special Education.

Phonics Activities With Milk Caps

A while ago I began collecting milk caps because they make excellent teaching resources! I love using them for loose parts, counters and printable milk cap activities. In this post I’ll share with you a variety of phonics activities that you can do with milk caps.

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Next grab a pile of recycled milk caps (or bottle caps) and some Velcro sticky dots. After that place Velcro sticky dots with the loop part on the milk caps and the part with the hook on the printables.  I re-use my milk caps for other learning activities, so I store them in a container and add the printable phonics letters as required.

How to Play – Start by choosing a task card. Next sound out the word and find the missing sound. Finally place the milk cap with the missing sound on the task card.

Variations – If you prefer, you can omit the use of milk caps altogether and kids can write on the task cards, use magnetic letters or you can just use Velcro without the milk caps.

CVC Phonics Activities


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Short Vowel Phonics Activities


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Digraphs Activities


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Blends Activities


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Silent e Long Vowel Activities


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Vowel Team Activities


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Diphthong Activities


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R Controlled Vowel Activities


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If you made it this far thank you! I hope you find all of these activities helpful. These task cards have certainly become one of my favorite phonics resources!

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More Adapted Activities

If you’re teaching young children or children with special needs, you may find the following activities useful too.

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