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Shapes Activities (2D & 3D Shapes)


These shapes activities help kids learn about 2D and 3D shapes. They make a great addition to Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade math centers.

Shapes are so fun to teach because they have such real world relevance – they are literally all around us! I’ve put together a collection of shapes activities which help kids learn about 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

3D Shapes Sort and Classify

These activities help kids to learn about 3D shapes by sorting pictures of real objects. The shapes covered include: cube, cylinder, sphere, cone, square pyramid, rectangular prism and triangular prism.

I usually begin with the sorting mats. Then the kids complete one of the cut and paste worksheets.


To mix things up, I often use hoops to sort the shapes too. I pick a few shapes to focus on, such as a cone and cube, and place these headings in hoops. Then I place the pictures of these shapes into a mystery bag. The kids pull out one picture at a time, name the shape and then place it in the corresponding hoop.

<<< Get these 3D shapes activities here >>>

2D and 3D Shapes Board Games

I find board games awesome for small group work and math centers. I created eighteen fun games to help kids identify a variety of 2D shapes and 3D shapes. You can choose from board games or roll and cover games.

The cool thing about these games, besides the super cute pictures, is that there are games with plain shapes AND games with real objects.


<<<Grab the full set of these super fun board games here>>>

Other 2D and 3D Shapes Games

I find games are a fabulous way to keep kids engaged during learning! In addition to board games, I often play shapes bingo and card games such as scoot, shape memory and snap.


You can find out more about these games here:

Shapes Bingo Games

Shapes Card Games

3D Shapes Worksheets

To help consolidate learning, I often make up workbooks using a variety of shapes worksheets. The one shown below helps kids to explore each shape individually. The pictures of real world objects help them make a connection between each shape and where they might see it in our world.


I’m one of those teachers who LOVES crafts and displays… So naturally, when creating net templates I created a cute way to display them too! The kids can make a variety of nets, which look super cute printed on colored paper. Then once they’ve made them, they can record the properties of the shape on the recording sheet.  I’m going to make some 2D shapes worksheets in the near future too.

<<<Get these 3D shapes worksheets here>>>

Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes Posters

Shapes posters are a really handy reference for kids when they’re completing activities or playing games. Or perhaps, when an adult accidentally forgets a shape!

I usually just pick out the posters that are relevant to the year level I’m teaching to display on the wall.

Another way I like to reinforce learning is to use shapes flashcards. I often bring out my flashcards during transitions such as before the kids are about to go wash their hands for morning tea.


<<<Grab this cute set of shapes posters and flashcards here>>>

2D and 3D Shapes Assessment

I’ve put together a few assessment pages which you can grab below. This resource contains a set of assessment flashcards and recording sheets.

I usually show each child one flashcard at a time and then record their answers on the recording sheet as we go along.


You can grab your free copy of the shapes assessments by clicking the download button below.


I hope you find these resources helpful.

Happy teaching! :)

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