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Shark Number Activities


These free number activities help kids learn about numbers up to ten. They’re perfect for Shark Week or an ocean unit. Suitable for Preschool or Kindergarten.

Shark Number Activities – Puzzles

The following number activities help kids work on the skills of reading numbers and counting. They’re a fun addition to Shark Week math centers.

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the puzzles for added durability. Then cut along the lines to separate the puzzle pieces. After that you can either put the puzzle pieces in a basket or spread them out over a table or on the floor.

How to Play – First, choose a puzzle piece with the shark teeth and count the number of dots. Say how many dots there are and then match it to the piece that has that number. Continue playing until all of the matches have been found. Encourage the kids to line up the puzzles so that they are in the correct order from zero to ten.


Shark Number Activities – Number Mats (0 to 10)

I love the following number activities for teaching kids how to write and draw numbers during Shark Week. The best thing is you can use the same mat for all of the numbers!

Preparation – Begin by printing the work mat and number cards that best suit your needs – the second set of cards is more suitable for Australian teachers. You can print the number cards on colored paper to make them stand out more. Then laminate the resources for added durability. Dry erase pocket sleeves work well with this activity too – I bought mine online but you can usually find them in office supply stores. You’ll also need an erasable marker and cloth to wipe the mat.

How to Play – Choose a number card and put it on the mat. Read the number and then dot that amount on the shark’s teeth. After that trace the number with your finger and then write it on the lines below (from left to right). Once you’re done, choose another number card and start again!


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