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These cutting practice worksheets help kids to develop their scissor skills in a fun way!

Scissor Skill Basics

Prompt kids to put their thumb in the small hole of the scissors and turn their wrist so that their thumb is on top. Model how to move the scissors by opening and shutting them, then moving the scissors forward to start again. The song “Open Shut Them” is great for cuing kids into this motion. Children also need to be taught about scissor safety such as always closing the scissors after use and putting them away.

Some children may require left handed scissors or benefit from scissors designed by occupational therapists such as dual control, spring back or long loop scissors. These types of scissors are available at most education supply stores.


Halloween Cutting Practice Worksheets

These cutting practice worksheets look great printed on colored paper such as neon green or purple. Kids can cut along the various lines or around the Halloween pictures. Please see the download link below.


More Fun Cutting Practice Worksheets

If you’re looking for more fun cutting practice worksheets, check out the links below. Happy teaching :)!

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