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How you may use the product

You May:

  • Download and print free printables for your own personal and classroom use.
  • Use my printables for distance learning for your own classroom use, for example Google Classroom or Seesaw (where my printables are only available to yourself, your students and co-teacher if you have one).
  • Use the printables found on this site in your own classroom, library or early learning setting.
  • Share links to any page on this site.
  • In order to support us, we ask that you always acknowledge www.fairypoppins.com as the source of the resource.
  • Re-pin images from this site on social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if it is accompanied by a link to this site e.g. “Available from fairypoppins.com“.
  • Share photos of the resources being used on social media such as Pinterest or Instagram if you include a reference e.g. “Available from fairypoppins.com“.
  • You can also tag my social media links e.g. Pinterestfairypoppinsau/  Instagram@fairypoppinsdotcom , Twitter – @FairyPoppinsTR
  • If you love our resources, why not let others know about Fairy Poppins?

You May Not:

  • Do not resell, reproduce, recreate, republish or redistribute any content from this site in online digital or print format.
  • Do not charge a fee for printing, cutting or laminating my resources – this is reselling my copyrighted resources!
  • Do not print my resources and resell them in a hard copy format. For example, you cannot sell a printed and laminated copy of my resource on an Instagram page or a Buy, Swap, Sell group on Facebook. Instead, share a link to my blog or TPT store where people can access the resource themselves. Please understand that I have invested significant effort and time in creating these works for my customers. 
  • Do not screen shot my files or printables and share them on social media. Re-pin the images I have provided instead.
  • Do not share direct links to free PDF files. Instead you need to share the link to the page where the printable was found e.g. https://www.fairypoppins.com/mathprintables/
  • Do not share or store any content from this site on file sharing sites such as google drive,  Facebook groups, school district websites or any other online or electronic retrieval system.
  • Do not purchase a resource and then share it with others. Instead, please purchase a multiple user license or direct people to my store https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Fairy-Poppins
    to purchase the item themselves.
  • Do not host or in any other way share our resources directly with others, without the prior written permission.
  • Do not use any product or material for commercial purposes
  • Do not not alter the digital versions of our products in any way



If you have any questions about copyright, or to discuss any of the above, please email me: rosey@fairypoppins.com

Thank you for supporting fairypoppins.com


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