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Farm Fence Number Ordering Mats


If your kids are working on identifying and ordering numbers up to 20, you’ll love these cute build a farm fence number ordering mats! There are four mats to help with differentiation.


I printed the farm fence number ordering mats and laminated them for added durability. I wrote the numbers 1 to 20 on popsicle sticks using a fine tip marker. Then I placed the numbered popsicle sticks beside the build a fence mat.

How to play

For the kids who were just beginning to identify and order numbers, I chose the mats that had the numbers written on the fence. I explained to my students that they needed to place the popsicle sticks in order, starting from 1 to make the fence. I loved using this activity because it was so easy to differentiate for students who were either working on numbers up to 10 or numbers up to 20.



Once the kids could match the popsicle sticks to the numbers on the fence, I progressed to using the mats with the blank fences. At this stage, I assessed each child’s ability to order the numbers independently. After each child finished ordering the popsicle sticks, I took a photo of the completed mat for evidence of their progress. Then I supported each student to check their fence and re-arrange any popsicle sticks that were out of order.


I hope you enjoy using this activity. To download it simply click on the button below.


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