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Camping Counting Mats

These free camping counting mats help learn to read and count numbers up to twenty. They’re a fun addition to Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten math centers.

Counting Bear Counting Mats

I love these mats because the numbers can be changed, which makes it super easy to differentiate!

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Then, grab some math counters such as counting bears. Now you’re all set!



How to Play –  First, get the kids to choose a number card and then place it on the mat. Next, ask them to read the number and count that amount of bears onto the ten frames. It’s fun to pretend the bears are sitting around the campfire or near the tent. Finally, re-count the bears and say how many there are. 




Extension Activity – When the kids have counted the bears on the mat, take them off and arrange them in a circle or scattered pattern. Then ask the kids “how many are there now?”. While the kids are counting, observe to see if they re-count the bears. If the kids do re-count the bears, you know they haven’t trusted their final count. Kids often need to be taught that the amount they just counted remains the same, even if the formation has changed (because no counters have been taken away).




<<Grab this freebie here.>>


More Fun Counting Bear Activities

I’ve also created this fun set of Counting Bear Activities  to help kids learn about numbers up to 30. 




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In my experience, kids love camping themed activities! It’s a fun way to learn about nature, animals and the great outdoors. The following activities are all freebies, so be sure to hop between the links to grab them all!




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