Cutting Practice Activities for Kids


These cutting practice activities help kids develop their scissor skills. They’re awesome for kids in Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Tips for Helping Kids Develop Scissor Skills

Teaching kids to use scissors can be a tricky task! Be patient, it takes can take some time for kids to build this skill and develop their confidence.

Selecting Scissors

First of all work out if they are left or right handed. An easy way to do this is to place the scissors in front of them and ask to pick them up. Usually kids will use their dominant hand to pick the item up. Once you’ve worked that out, the next step would be to grab them some left handed or right handed scissors.

Some children may also benefit from scissors designed by occupational therapists such as dual control, spring back or long loop scissors. These types of scissors are available at most education supply stores.

Holding the Scissors

Start by prompting the kids to put their thumb in the small hole of the scissors and turn their wrist so that their thumb is on top. Next, model how to move the scissors by opening and shutting them, then moving the scissors forward to start again. I love singing the song “Open Shut Them” to help cue kids while they’re cutting. Finally, teach the kids about scissor safety by showing them how to close the scissors after use and put them away.

Halloween Cutting Practice Worksheets

These Halloween cutting practice worksheets look great printed on colored paper such as neon green or purple. Kids can cut along the various lines or around the Halloween pictures.

Preparation – Begin by printing the activities on white or colored paper. Next, grab some scissors and colored pencils.

How to Play – Start by coloring in the worksheets. Then grab the scissors and either cut towards the target or around the target (depending on the activity).

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More Fun Activities to Develop Scissor Skills

If you’re looking for more fun activities to help kids develop their scissor skills, then be sure to check out the packs below. I’ve included lots of cutting practice pages with thick lines to help kids learn to cut successfully.

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