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About Me – Back to School Activity

 This “About Me” flower craft is a fun back to school activity. It’s suitable for kids in Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade.

About Me Flower Craft

Previously, when I’ve done this flower craft activity with my class I’ve got the kids to describe five things about themselves. But you could also get them to describe five things they did on the holidays or their five favorite toys.

Preparation – Start by taking a photo of each kid. Once uploaded to my computer, I usually paste the photos into a PowerPoint document – it makes printing a lot easier. Resize all of the photos so that they’ll fit in the center of the flower. After that cut out the photos and grab the other craft materials. You’ll need some glue, scissors and colored pencils.

Tip – Save the photos for future craft activities or creating a visual class list for substitute teachers!


How to Create – Start by getting the kids to write five words that describe themselves. Then decorate the flower, either with paint or crayons. After that cut out the flower pieces and glue them together. Finally, paste the photo in the center of the flower and one favorite thing in each petal.


I’ve included both American and Australian spelling versions.

<<Grab this fun back to school craft below>>


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I usually start of my first few weeks of school with an “About Me” or “Back to School” theme. You may also want to check out the following free About Me Writing Craft.


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