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Dinosaur Subitizing Game


This free dinosaur math game helps kids learn how to subitize. It’s easy to play, all you need is a game board, dice and counters. It’s a fun addition to Pre-K, Preschool or Kindergarten math centers.

What is Subitizing?

Subitizing means kids can look at a group of objects and know how many there are at a glance – without having to count each object one by one. They just “know” how many things there are by looking at it.

Dinosaur Subitizing Game

The aim of this game is for kids to know how many dots are on the dice at a glance, rather than counting the dots one by one.

Preparation – Begin by laminating the game for added durability. Then grab some counters and a six sided dice. Each player will need a different color counter.

How to Play – Start by getting the kids to roll the dice. Next, say the number and cover the number on the game board with a counter. Finally, count up the number of counters used. The player with the most numbers covered wins.




Grab your free dinosaur subitizing game by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page.

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Grab your dinosaur subitizing game below.



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