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Ice-Cream Number Matching Puzzles (1-10)

If you’re looking for a fun way to help kids recognise numbers up to 10 you’ll love these ice-cream number matching puzzles! 

In my class, I introduce number recognition activities like these puzzles after the kids are able to count real objects (such as unifix cubes and counters). So if I say “count out 10 teddies” and the kids can, I know they understand the language of what ten is. Then I begin focusing more on activities that require the kids to read and recognise numbers.


Ice Cream Number Match


Preparation: Print and laminate the resources for added durability. I made the puzzles a large size so that they can be used as table or floor puzzles.

Instructions: Decide on what you want to focus on, numbers up to 5 or numbers up to 10. Then lay out the puzzles and get the kids to count the number of dots and find the cone with that number.



Ice Cream Subitizing Puzzles


Preparation: Print and laminate the resources for added durability. Then choose the puzzles for the numbers 1 to 5 or 6 to begin with.

Instructions: Lay out the puzzles and get the kids to match the dots to the cone with that number. Encourage the kids to guess “how many” dots there are just by looking at them. This is to try to develop the skill of subitizing, which is to know how many objects there are at a glance – without having to count them one by one. Once they know “how many” dots there are they can match the ice cream to the cone with that number.





Ordering Numbers: After the kids have made the ice-cream puzzles, ask them to place them in order from 1 to 10.

Grab your free ice cream puzzles at the bottom of this page by clicking the download button.


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Grab your free ice cream number puzzles below.



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