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Ladybug Syllable Sort


This hands-on ladybug counting syllables activities help kids develop their phonological awareness. It’s also a super fun activity to do as a part of a ladybug or garden theme in Preschool, PreK or Kindergarten.

Teaching kids syllables helps them to help chunk words into parts, which later helps with spelling.

Ladybug Counting Syllables Activities

Getting Ready

First, print out the resources and laminate them to make them last longer. You have a choice here: if you want, you can cut out the shapes of the leaves and ladybugs for a more detailed look. But if you’re short on time, just cut along the dotted lines to separate the pieces quickly.

After cutting out all the ladybugs, put them in a basket. Then, place the syllable sorting leaves in the center of the table.




Playing the Game

Invite the kids to take turns picking a ladybug. Each ladybug has a picture on it, and the task is to figure out how many syllables are in that word. There are fun ways to do this, like clapping for each syllable, tapping on a drum, or using body beats (like tapping your head for the first syllable, shoulders for the second, and hips for the third).

Once they’ve figured out the number of syllables, the kids then place the ladybug on the leaf that matches. For instance, the ladybug with the word “rainbow” on it breaks into two syllables – ‘rain’ and ‘bow’. So, they should put this ladybug on the leaf that’s marked for two syllables.




You can grab your free ladybug syllable activities by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this page.

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Grab your free ladybug syllable activities below. 


Happy Teaching!

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