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LLama Addition Activities


These llama addition activities are ideal for kids learning how to add numbers up to 20. They are great for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

Llama Number Lines

Number line addition activities help kids to add using strategies such as counting on. I created a set of fun, hands-on math centers which require minimal prep.

Llama Write and Wipe Number Lines – These come in numbers up to 10, 12 and 20. You can use them to teach addition and subtraction.

Preparation – Laminate the number line so that it can be used with an erasable marker. You can also place it in a dry erase pocket. I printed the sum cards on neon paper – I’m a big neon fan at the moment! Then I grabbed a washable marker and the recording sheet.

How to Play – First place a sum card on the number line. Read the first number and place a dot above that number on the number line. Then read the second number and count that many jumps to find the answer.

Kids can write each sum on the recording sheet and continue playing until their sheet is full.



For beginners, it’s helpful to use concrete materials with number lines too.

In the addition activity shown below, a counter was placed on the first number in the sum. Then one cube was added below each number, which represented the second number in the sum. It’s a different way of using number lines, which can help kids to develop skills such as counting on and counting using one-to-one correspondence.


I’ve also made a set of worksheets which help kids to practice addition and subtraction with number lines. There are worksheets for both addition and subtraction up to 10, and up to 20.

There’s also a few other number line games you can play. For example, kids can roll two dice and add the numbers together. Then they can record their answers on the worksheet.

You can check out these fun llama number line activities here or by clicking on the picture below.





Llama Addition Cards


These fun llama addition activities are perfect for math centers or small group work. They focus on addition up to 10 and also help illustrate the part part whole concept. If you’re working on part part whole, you may also be interested in these activities here.

Preparation – Laminate the cards for added durability. You’ll also need an erasable marker.

How to Play – Count the cubes and then write the sum below. Count the first color and write the number in the first box. Then count the second color and write the number in the box. Add the two numbers together and write the answer in the last box.

Extension – If you have connecting cubes, kids can make the different sums. They can also pick a number between one and ten or find all the different ways of making that number. To reinforce the part part whole concept, instruct the kids to use two colors only – like the addition cards.



You can grab your free addition cards below.

Happy teaching!




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