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Fun Patterning Cards


Kids will love these fun patterning activities! They are perfect for preschool and kindergarten math centers.

Patterning with Pattern Blocks


Pattern blocks are a wonderful teaching resources. I love them for teaching kids about 2D shapes, colors, symmetry and patterns. The following patterning cards help kids to learn about AB patterns such as blue, red, blue, red, blue red. It also helps kids recognize ABC patterns such as blue, red, yellow, blue red, yellow. They also feature a cute robot theme!

Preparation – Print the cards and laminate them for added durability. Cut along the line in the middle of the page to separate the cards. Then fill a basket with some pattern blocks and lay the cards out on the table. Now you’re all set!

How to Play – First kids need to choose a card and look at the pattern. Encourage them to point to each shape and say the colors such as “I see yellow, orange, yellow, orange.” They can also say the shapes such as “I see a hexagon, square, hexagon, square.” Then ask the kids what comes next. I often repeat the pattern they saw to prompt them to find the next item such as “Yellow, orange, yellow, orange…?” Next, the kids collect the pattern blocks that they’ll need to complete the pattern and place them on the mat.


This is also a great matching activity. Kids can use their fine motor skills to find the matching pattern blocks and put them on the same shapes so they match.

You can grab these free patterning activities by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this page.


More Fun Patterning Activities


I’ve just completed a new bundle of fun patterning activities which help kids to develop fine motor skills, patterning skills and color recognition. You can check out a preview of the activities below. They’re available in individual activity packs too.




Find out more about these fun patterning activities here or by clicking on the picture below.



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Grab your free patterning activities below.



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