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Rainbow Bear Sorting Mats


These rainbow bear sorting mats are a fun way for kids to identify colors. They make a fun addition to preschool or kindergarten math centers.


Begin by printing and laminating the color sorting mats for added durability. There are two mats per page, so cut down the middle of the page to separate them.

Once you’ve done that place some rainbow counting bears into a basket and you’re set to go! You can use other colored counters for this activity too. I love using colored pom poms with tongs or tweezers to help build kids fine motor skills.


How to Play

Lay out the sorting mats. Then grab a handful of rainbow bears. Sort one bear at a time onto the corresponding sorting mat. For example, say “This bear is red. So I’m going to put it on the red mat”. You can add another element of fun by pretending to slide the bear down the rainbow.


Extension – Once all of the bears have been sorted you can help kids develop other math skills such as counting. Get the kids to line the bears up and count how many there are. You can also get them to compare the bears on two mats by asking questions such as “Are there more red bears or green bears?”. This is a fun way to explore the concepts of more and less.

You can grab your free set of rainbow bear color sorting mats by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this page.

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Grab your free rainbow bear counting mats below.

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