Rhyming Cookies


Rhyming is so much fun with these rhyming cookies!

This hands on activity is an awesome way to help kids learn how to identify words that rhyme.

Preparation – Rhyming Cookies

I printed the rhyming cookies and laminated them for added durability. Then I cut along the dotted lines. I chose to cut around the cookies, but you can just cut out the square around each cookie if you prefer.

How To Play

The kids and I chatted about how rhyming words sound the same at the end. I modeled how to play using one rhyming set. I pointed to the picture of the house on the mat and said “house”. Then thinking out loud I pointed to the cookie that rhymed and said “mouse”, “house – mouse, they rhyme”.



A great way to help beginners, is to play an “odd one out” game. Simply choose one jar and lay out two cookies near it, one that rhymes and one that doesn’t. For example, lay out the jar with “house” next to the cookies with the “snake” and “mouse”. Then ask the kids “House-snake, do they rhyme? No…”, “How about, house- mouse? Yes! House-mouse do rhyme!”. You can use facial expressions or gestures such as nodding or shaking your head to help beginners out if they get a bit stuck. It’s a good way to help build their confidence.




When kids can easily identify pictures that rhyme, you can encourage them to think of other words that rhyme with the pictures on the mat. For example, “Cat and bat rhyme. I wonder what else rhymes with cat and bat? Cat, bat, sat, mat…”


To download these adorable mouse themed rhyming cookies click on the download button below.

You may also like the complete set of rhyming cookies (shown below) which is available here.




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