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Space Counting Activities (0 to 20)


These fun space counting activities help kids learn about numbers up to twenty. They’re a great fine motor activity too.

The following space counting activities are easy to prep, practical and can be used in lots of ways!

Space Counting Mats

You can choose between a space counting mat with numbers up to ten or numbers up to twenty. Both of the counting mats feature ten frames, which I find are really good for helping kids develop 1:1 correspondence.

Preparation – Begin by printing the counting work mats and number cards. I recommend laminating the counting mats and number cards for added durability. Once that’s done, you’ll just need to grab some counters. I love using counting bears so the kids can pretend they’re astronauts blasting off into space! I found my monster / alien counters in the party favor section at Spotlight (Australia).

How to Play – Start by getting the kids to choose a number card to put on their mat. They then need to collect that amount of counters and count them onto the rocket. Encourage them to touch each counter as they count. As an extension activity, ask the kids to try counting backwards from that number. Most kids love counting backwards when there is a pretend rocket to launch! :)



Space Worksheets

Once the kids have finished their hands-on space counting activities, you can get them to complete one of the dab a dot worksheets. There is a worksheet with numbers up to ten and another one that focuses mainly on teen numbers.

Preparation – For these worksheets you’ll need some q-tips and paint.

How to Play – Read the number above each ten frame and then paint that number of dots.

Tip – If you have dry erase pockets, you could slip the worksheet in there and draw the dots with an erasable marker instead.



Space Fine Motor Activities

Another way you can use the space number cards is to create counting “shooting stars”. This activity is best done with older children under close supervision due to the small parts.

Preparation – Tape a number card onto a chenille stick and fill a basket with beads or cut up straws. I like using pony beads which can be found in most craft stores.

How to Play – Choose a shooting star and read the number. Then count that number of beads onto the chenille stick.


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