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Spring Patterning Activities


These spring patterning activities are great for math centers. They also help kids develop fine motor skills and one to one correspondence.


The aim of the following activities is for kids to copy, continue and create patterns. This skill helps kids to sequence items and predict what comes next.

Spring Patterning Activities

The following activities are easy to set up. Adult supervision is required for all of these activities.

Flower Patterning Mats

Preparation – Print and laminate the patterning mats for added durability. Then grab some colored pom poms and if you have them, small tongs or children’s tweezers.

How To Play – Choose 2 to 3 colors. Then create a pattern on the flowers. Make sure the colors are in the same sequence. For example, in the ABC pattern shown below the colors are in the sequence of blue, pink and yellow.

Flower Stem Patterns

Preparation – Print and laminate the flower labels. Cut around the circles. Grab some chenille sticks and tape one behind each label. You will also need some beads.

How To Play – Choose a flower and read the number. Count that amount of beads and place them onto the flower stem (chenille stick). For an extra challenge, you can create a pattern out of the beads too.




You can grab these activities for free by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this page.

Spring Patterning Centers

The following patterning activities integrate fine motor skills and one to one correspondence (matching one object to one other object).

Kids can create the following types of patterns: AB, AAB, ABC, AABB and ABCD.

In my experience, kids love using pom poms – especially when they get to pick them up with tweezers, small tongs or children’s chopsticks!

The pictures below show examples of some of the math centers you can create.


There are a variety of patterning cards for each level and worksheets which can be used with paint, stickers or bingo daubers. I made some generic worksheets as well as specific worksheets for each type of pattern, such as “My AB Flower Pattern”.

The egg patterning activities make a really cute Easter math center. Kids can use plastic eggs to make a pattern or the printable eggs which are included too.


You can grab the spring patterning centers here.



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Grab your free spring patterning printables below.



Happy teaching! :)

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