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Tracing Numbers Practice for Kids – 1 to 30


These tracing numbers and fill in the missing number printables focus on 1-30. They help teach children in how to write numbers and are a fun addition to Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten math centers.

How to Teach Writing Numbers

Begin by focusing on numbers 1-10 (or 0-9). Initially I introduce one number at a time through number of the day activities. I often start my lesson by showing the number and getting the kids to write the number in the air. After that I get the kids to make the number out of playdough and complete a page in their number workbook.

Writing Numbers Assessment

At the start of the year, it’s useful to assess what the kids already know. I usually get each student to write as many numbers as they can starting from one. I’ve made some simple number assessments that you can use (shown below). I always repeat the assessment at a later date to track each student’s progress.


<<Grab these writing numbers assessments here>>

How to Write Numbers 1-10, 1-20 and 1-30

As  the kids become familiar with writing each numeral, I move onto number practice activities that focus on multiple numbers at the same time (such as the activities shown in this post). I like teaching number formation in the following sequence 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and then 1-30 to consolidate learning.

Teaching Teen Numbers

Teen numbers can be difficult for kids to learn to write. This is because the way we say them is not the way we write them. For example, for 18 we say “eight – teen” so it’s quite common for a kid to initially write “81” instead of 18. I’ve found number tracing activities really helpful for teaching teen numbers. Over time, the kids get used to seeing the numbers and start remembering the way each teen numbers looks.

Tracing Numbers

I love tracing activities for teaching kids to write numbers. Each number has a starting dot to help kids form the number correctly. I recommend using a dry erase pocket sleeve – they’re so much easier to wipe clean!


<<Get these number tracing activities here>>

You can choose from a primary font or an Australian font (NSW Foundation).


<<Grab these number tracing activities here>>

Fill in the Missing Numbers

These activities are a great way to get kids used to writing numbers in the correct order. I’ve included a number line on each work mat, so the kids can refer to it if they get stuck.


<<Get these fill in the missing number activities here>>

I’ve made these number mats in two versions. You can choose from a primary font or Australian font (NSW Foundation).


<<Grab these fill in the missing number activities here>>

I hope you find these number activities helpful! You can get them by clicking on the purple download button below.



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