2D Shapes Playdough Mats


These 2D shapes playdough mats help kids develop fine motor skills and learn about real world shapes too! They make an awesome addition to Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten math centers.

What Are 2D Shapes?

2D shapes are like drawings on paper. They are flat, with length and width but no depth. Examples include circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. They’re flat, unlike 3D objects like balls or boxes. Learning about these shapes helps kids recognize different forms in their everyday world.

Teaching 2D Shapes to Kindergarteners

Teaching 2D shapes in kindergarten can be fun and interactive. Here’s how:

Visual Learning:

  • Show kids colorful pictures and flashcards of various 2D shapes.
  • Hang posters or charts that name and describe each shape.

Shape Sorting Games:

  • Give kids a variety of shapes to sort into groups, like all circles together, and all squares together.
  • Incorporate shape-themed toys or blocks.

Drawing and Tracing:

  • Encourage kids to draw shapes freely or by tracing templates.
  • Use worksheets for tracing and coloring shapes.

Hands-On Crafts:

  • Create crafts where kids cut out shapes or make shape-themed art.

Interactive Activities:

  • Set up shape identification games, like a shape scavenger hunt.
  • Use shape puzzles and playdough activities.
  • Organize physical games where kids form shapes with their bodies or find shapes marked on the ground.

2D Shapes Playdough Mats

These activities help kids learn shape names.

Preparation: Print and laminate the playdough mats for durability. You can also use dry erase pocket sleeves.

How to Play:

  1. Pick a mat and name the shape on it.
  2. Look at the pictures showing where you can find these shapes in real life.
  3. Shape the playdough to match the shape on the mat.


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