Adapted Number Books for Counting 0-20 (0-10)


These counting activities include adapted number books for 0-20 (0-10). They’re great for developing number recognition and counting skills. Such a useful tool to teach Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten or Special Education math.

Adapted Counting Activities

These adapted number activities includes a printable book for 0-10 and 11-20. They’re great for teachers working with young children in Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten or Special Education. By using Velcro sticky dots for the numbers, children can access the counting books in a tactile way.


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How to Make Adapted Books

Preparation – Begin by printing and laminating the pages for added durability. Next bind the number book together. After that cut out the numbers and attach Velcro sticky dots to them. Finally attach the other part of the sticky dot to the number book.

Tip – I’ve found Velcro sticky dots (hook and loop) are much cheaper at hardware stores. I bought mine from Bunnings in Australia. 

How do I use the adapted number books?
Place the numbers down the bottom of the book. Place them in sequential order to start with and then place them in a random order once your students become familiar with the activity. Start by counting the number of animals. Then find the number that shows how many there are and place it on the circle.

Zoo Animal Counting Books (0-20)


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Ocean Animal Counting Books (0-20)


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Farm Animal Counting Books (0-20)


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Garden Bugs Counting Books (0-20)


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I hope you find these adapted counting books helpful. My children love using them for counting practice!

<<<Get all of these Adapted Counting Books here>>>

More Counting Activities

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