Counting Bear Activities


These FREE counting bear activities help kids learn numbers and addition using ten frames. They’re great for preschool, pre-k or kindergarten.

Activity 1 – Counting on the Teddy Bear Bus

All aboard the “Teddy Bear Bus”, it’s time to count to 20 using teddy bears!

Preparation – I began by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Next, I grabbed the ten frame mats, number cards and a filled a basket with teddy bears.

How to Play – Start by giving each child a ten frame mat. Then place a number card near the mat. Next,  read the number and count that amount of bears onto the bus. Once the teddies are on the bus, ask each child to re-count the teddies. Encourage the kids to count slowly and touch each teddy bear once only as they count. I always check the kids are saying “one” whilst touching the first bear, “two” whilst touching the second bear and so on.


Activity 2 – Ordering Numbers and Counting

Preparation – For the activity you’ll need the number cards and a basket filled with teddy bears.

How to Play – Start by putting a set of number cards in order from left to right. After that, read each number and count that amount of counting bears below.


Activity 3 – Reading Numbers and Counting

Preparation – For this activity you’ll need the number cards and bear counters.

How to Play – Begin by choosing a number card. Next read the number and then count out that amount of bears. Finally, try counting the bears in different formations such as a scattered pattern or circle. Kids often think the number has changed if you change the position of the counters, when in fact it has remained the same. So it’s great to teach them that even if the bears are in a circle instead of a line, the amount counted remains the same.

Extension –  Another thing you can do is get each child to grab a handful of bears to count. Then they have to find the number card that matches the amount of bears they have.

Teddy Bear Addition

Preparation – For this activity you’ll need the teddy bear bus mat, addition cards, number cards and counters.

How to Play – Start by providing each child with a “Teddy Bear Bus” mat and some counting bears in two colors. Then choose two number cards to add together, for example 5 + 3. Each number needs to be represented by a different teddy color, so you might have five red teddies and three yellow teddies. Finally, the kids need to place the teddies on the bus and then add them together to find out “how many” there are.

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