Days of the Week


If you’re teaching days of the week you’ll love this free caterpillar activity.

I love playing a days of the week song before doing any days of the week activities. Here are some of my favorite You Tube song links:

Days of the Week Clap  (tune of the Adam’s Family)

Days of the Week Song (train – very catchy song)

Days of the Week Sing-along Song 

I find it doesn’t take long before we all get a days of the week song stuck in our heads, which is very handy for ordering the day circles on this caterpillar activity!


Preparation – Start by printing the worksheet. Next grab some colored pencils, glue and scissors.

How to Play – Begin by coloring in the caterpillar and days of the week circles. After that, cut out the circles and paste the days in the correct order on the caterpillar’s body. Finally, sing a days of the week song to check the days are in the correct order.

Tip – If you’re doing a spring theme, children can draw some flowers around the caterpillar too.

<<Grab your free caterpillar activity below.>>



Days of the Week Word Cards

You may also be interested in these cute owl themed word cards too. I love using them for games, display or flash cards.

Fly Swat Game 

Preparation – Print and laminate the word cards for added durability. Then grab a few fly swats.

How to Play – Begin by spreading out the cards and giving each kid a fly swat. Next, call out a day. The kids need to find the word and then whoever swats it first gets to keep it. The play with the most cards wins.


FREE Days and Months - Fairy PoppinsPin

<<These are available below.>>


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