Subitizing Fishing Game


This subitizing fishing game is a fun addition to an ocean theme. It helps kids learn numbers up to six and is a fun addition to Pre-K, Preschool or Kindergarten math centers.

What is subitizing?

Subitizing is a skill where kids can tell how many objects there are at a glance, rather than having to count each object one by one to find out “how many?”. The fish included in this game feature common dot patterns found on dice and irregular dot patterns.

Fishing for Numbers Game

Preparation – Begin by printing and laminating the activities for added durability. After that, attach a large paper clip to each fish and secure it with some tape. Last of all, you’ll need to grab some magnetic fishing rods. You can often find these in toy stores, but you can also make your own like I did. I made mine by tying some yarn to a doughnut shaped magnet and a wooden dowel.

How to Play – First spread out the fish on a flat surface such as the floor or table. Next, get the kids to catch a fish. Once they’ve caught a fish, ask the kids “how many dots are there?”.

Tip – Observe how the kids work out the number of dots. If they have to count them one by one, then they still need to learn to subitize. Whereas if they give you an immediate answer without having to count the dots, then they are developing their subitizing skills.



Number Fishing Game

You can also use these activities to help kids recognize numbers up to six.

How to Play – Start by getting the kids to read the numbers on the bucket. Next, place the buckets in order from one to six. After that, instruct the kids to catch a specific fish. For example, “catch a fish with four dots”. Finally, get them to put the fish on the correct bucket.

Other Number Games

Fish Match – Identify how many dots are on each fish and then match it to the fish with that number.

Fish Memory – Turn the fish face down and then find matching number pairs. For example, a matching pair might be two fish with three dots or a fish with three dots and the number three.


<<Grab your free fishing game below.>>



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