Dinosaur Measurement Activities


These measurement activities are awesome for kids who love dinosaurs! The focus is on measuring with non standard units such as cubes and links.

I find kids learn best when activities are fun and hands-on. The following measurement activities can be done with a few simple materials.


1. Dinosaur Measuring Cards


These measurement activities focus on length and height.

Preparation – Print and laminate the measurement cards. Then grab some non standard measuring units such as paper clips, links or counters.

How To Play – Choose a card and measure the line using the measuring unit. Write how long the line is in the box with an erasable marker.



2. Comparing Dinosaur Figurines


Dinosaur figurines are such a versatile learning tool. Over the years, I’ve collected many dinosaur figurines from places like the dollar store, toy stores and museum.


Preparation – Print and laminate the comparison labels. Then grab a variety of dinosaur figurines.


How To Play – Choose a focus, such as ordering the dinosaurs from shortest to tallest. Lay out the labels. Then place two dinosaur figurines next to each other to determine which is the tallest. Place the shortest dinosaur near the shortest card and the tallest dinosaur near the tallest card. Continue to measure and compare the other dinosaur figurines until they are ordered correctly – from shortest to tallest.


Variations – Kids can also order the dinosaurs from shortest to longest or lightest to heaviest.




Lightest to Heaviest – Kids can do this by “hefting“, which is basically holding one dinosaur in each hand to feel which one is the lightest. Alternatively, you can use balance scales.


Shortest to Longest – This activity is done the same way as ordering the dinosaurs from shortest to tallest. Another activity you can do is compare each dinosaur to a piece of yarn. Cut a small piece of yarn – perhaps slightly smaller than the average dinosaur figurine. Then stretch the yarn beside each dinosaur. Ask the kids “Is the yarn shorter or longer than the dinosaur?”. Continue comparing all of of the other dinosaurs with the piece of yarn.





More Awesome Dinosaur Activities

If you know kids who LOVE dinosaurs, check out these free dinosaur activities (shown)!

Free dinosaur activities for kids - Fairy PoppinsPin



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Dinosaur Math Centers

Here are a few other dinosaur activities that you may like. Click here or on the links to find out more about them.

Dinosaur Math CentersThese are awesome for kids working on numbers up to twenty.

Hands-on dinosaur counting activities, great for math centers ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

Dinosaur Math Worksheets – These practical worksheets help kids to read and write numbers up to 20 using tools such as ten frames.

Dinosaur ten frame worksheets ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

Dinosaur Pretend Play

Role Play – Kids love playing in both the dinosaur museum and dinosaur dig (shown below).


Dinosaur Museum and Souvenir Shop dramatic play printables ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


The dinosaur dig is so much fun! You can make salt dough fossils very easily by placing the feet of dinosaur figurines into the dough. I brushed the footprints with a bit of brown food dye to make them stand out more.


Dinosaur Dig dramatic play printables ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

I hope you have a wonderful time exploring dinosaurs with the kiddos.

Happy teaching!

Grab your FREE dinosaur measurement activities below from my TpT store.


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