Fine Motor Activities for PreK, Preschool & Kindergarten


These fine motor activities are a fun way to develop fine motor skills whilst learning about holiday celebrations too. The activities include torn paper art, dot marker, cutting practice, hole punch and cotton swab painting printables! Suitable for kids in Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten.

What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills are super important in school and they really help kids grow academically and socially. Basically, these skills are all about the little movements we make with our hands and fingers, kind of like when we coordinate them with our eyes. They’re different from gross motor skills, which are about using the big muscles for stuff like walking or jumping.

Here’s a quick run-through of how fine motor skills show up in school:

  • Writing and Drawing: Think about how kids learn to write letters and then put those letters into sentences. Or when they’re drawing and coloring, they need to be really careful with how they move their hands and fingers.
  • Using School Tools: This is all about how kids handle pencils, crayons, markers, and even scissors. Oh, and let’s not forget using rulers and other tools for math and geometry.
  • Crafts and Art Projects: Ever seen kids threading beads, gluing stuff together, or putting tiny pieces in place for an art project? That’s fine motor skills at work.
  • Tech Time: Nowadays, kids also need these skills for typing on keyboards and using a mouse or a touchpad.
  • Science Experiments: In science class, they might be handling lab equipment like test tubes or building models, which needs a steady hand.
  • Music and Gym Class: Playing musical instruments requires some nifty finger work. And in gym class, holding onto sports equipment properly is key.
  • Everyday Stuff: Simple things like zipping up their backpacks, opening their lunch boxes, and keeping track of their things are part of this too.

So, you see, developing these skills isn’t just about getting schoolwork done. It’s also about helping kids think better and feel more confident. It’s pretty cool how much these skills matter in school and beyond!

Holiday Themed Fine Motor Activities

These fine motor activities are super easy to set up and really fun for kids! They’re designed to help little ones practice essential skills like tearing paper, cutting with scissors, gluing, coloring, painting, and even using a hole punch. You won’t need anything fancy to get started — just some basic craft supplies you probably already have. This includes colored paper, scissors, glue, a one-hole punch, and some coloring pencils or crayons. I’m sure you’ll find these printable activities super handy and a great way to keep the kiddos engaged!

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You can grab all of these fun activities at a discounted price below. I hope you find them helpful. Happy teaching!


 FREE Holiday Printables to Develop Fine Motor Skills


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