Pets Crafts and Activities for Kids


These pet animal craft activities help kids learn about a bird, cat, dog, fish, guinea pig, hamster, hermit crab, mouse, rabbit and turtle. They include pet craft templates, research and writing activities. They’re perfect for kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.

Fun Pets Activities for Kids

If you’re planning a pets unit, you’re sure to find the following activities helpful. For each of the pet animals, I’ve included a craft template AND five worksheets to learn about that animal. If you check out the pictures below, you’ll see a few of the worksheets that are included.

Easy to Prep Craft Templates

The following pet craft templates are really easy to prep. All you need is some basic materials such as acrylic paint, crayons, scissors and glue. A key feature of these templates which I absolutely LOVE is that the cutting lines are thick. This makes it so much easier for kids who are still developing their scissor skills!


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Pets Activities

For each craft, you can choose from a mix of worksheets such as labeling, writing a description or researching facts. The labeling worksheets help kids to read information text and learn new vocabulary. Kids need to begin by cutting out the labels. Next they need to look at the initial sound on the word and if possible sound it out. Some of the words may be bit advanced for young kids to read on their own, so adult assistance is needed. Once the kids know what the word is they need to paste it next to the correct part.

You can check out some examples of the pet crafts below.

Bird Craft


<<<Grab these bird activities here>>>


Cat Craft


<<<Grab these cat activities here>>>

Dog Craft


<<<Grab these dog activities here>>>

Fish Craft


<<<Grab these fish activities here>>>

Guinea Pig Craft


<<<Grab these guinea pig activities here>>>

Hamster Craft


<<<Grab these hamster activities here>>>

Hermit Crab Craft


<<<Grab these hermit crab activities here>>>

Mouse Craft


<<<Grab these mouse activities here>>>

Rabbit Craft


<<<Grab these rabbit activities here>>>

Turtle Craft


<<<Grab these turtle activities here>>>

I hope the kids have an awesome time learning about pets! :)


You can learn more about these pet animals craft activities below.



Fun Pet Themed Activities

Click on any of the titles below to learn more.

Vet Clinic Dramatic Play


Pets Lacing Cards


Pets Sorting Mats


















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