Halloween Literacy Activities for Kids


These Halloween literacy activities are such a fun addition to October centers! The literacy centers cover skills such as rhyming, syllables, letter identification, beginning sounds, CVC words and sight words. They’re suitable for kids in Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade.

Halloween Literacy Centers

This new pack is jam packed with fun Halloween activities that suit a variety of ability levels.

Phonological Awareness Activities

Teaching phonological awareness to kids is an important step to help them become successful readers. Phonological awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of spoken language. It’s a critical skill that helps children learn to read and spell, since it allows them to make connections between letters and sounds.

You can check out some of the Halloween activities to help kids develop phonological awareness below.

Syllable Sort

Start by sorting the pictures according to the number of syllables they have. After that the kids can use bingo daubers to complete the dot the syllables worksheet activity.


<<<Grab these phonological awareness activities here>>>

Rhyming Puzzles

Young children love rhymes, which involve listening for ending sounds of words. Begin by introducing a few puzzles at a time. I like to present kids with a limited number of  answer options to begin with. For example, I might say “What rhymes with cat? Cat, spoon or cat, hat?” This helps them to listen for the word that sounds the same. After they have matched some of the puzzles, students can complete the rhyming worksheet too.


<<<Grab these rhyming activities here>>>

Beginning Sounds Puzzles

The following set of puzzles helps kids learn about letter names and letter sounds. What I love about these puzzles is they focus on short vowel sounds and primary consonant sounds – yay!


<<<Grab these beginning sounds activities here>>>

I’ve made some other fun alphabet centers too such as the magnetic letter rainbow shown below.


<<<Grab these alphabet activities here>>>

Word Work Activities

CVC Words

If your students are beginning to work on segmenting CVC words, you’ll love this activity for Valentine’s day! Begin by placing a CVC picture on the work mat. Next sound the word out and build it with magnetic letters. Finally write the CVC word on the recording worksheet.

Sight Words

Spooky sight words is another fun Halloween activity. Simply put some sight words into a sensory bin. Then the kids can use the work mat to build the words or the recording worksheet to write the words.


<<<Grab these CVC words activities here>>>

Sight Words Activities

I hope the kids love these activities. I’ve included a full set of instructions with photo examples. You can learn more about these Halloween Literacy Centers below.


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