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Pumpkin Place Value Activities


These pumpkin place value activities are a great addition to math centers. The cute pumpkin and witch hat theme makes it a perfect Halloween math activity too! They’re great for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

Activity 1 – Pumpkin Match

The following place value activities are great for kids learning about “tens” and “ones” in two digit numbers.

Preparation – Begin by laminating the cards for added durability. Then cut along the lines to separate each card. Once that’s done, spread the cards out on a flat surface such as a table.

Introducing the Activity –  I usually begin by explaining to the kids what a “ten” and “one” looks like. If you have connecting blocks, it’s useful to build a “ten” to together. Otherwise, point out that each “ten” is made up of ten ones. Now it’s time to play the game!

How To Play – First, instruct the kids to choose a pumpkin number card and say the number of tens and ones. For example, “28 has 2 tens and 8 ones”. After that the kids need to find the picture cards with the amount that matches their number.




As an extension, you can order the number cards from the smallest to largest. To do this lay out the number cards and look at the numbers in the tens columns first. Put them in order from smallest to largest. Then look at the ones column and do the same thing.

You can also talk about how the position of each number changes its meaning. A seven in the ones spot means seven ones. But a seven in the tens spot means seventy – a much bigger number!


Activity 2 – Building Numbers With Base Ten Blocks


When teaching place value it’s helpful to get the kids involved in hands-on activities. Children love being able to build numbers on these fun place value mats!

Preparation – Put the number pumpkin cards in a pile in the middle of the table, next to a basket of base ten blocks. then give each player one place value mat.

How To Play – Children take turns choosing one pumpkin number card. Ask each of them how many tens and ones their number has. Get each child to collect some base ten blocks so they can build the number. They need to use the tens and ones columns when building their number. For example, 27 would have 2 tens in the tens column and 7 ones in the ones column.



Extension Activity

The children can also make tens and ones out of other manipulatives such as popsicle sticks. This helps to build the concept of a “ten” and is also a fun way to skip count!

Preparation –  Grab a tub of pospicle sticks or straws. You’ll also need some elastic bands or chenille sticks cut in half.

How To Play – First, count out ten straws. Next, secure them in a bundle. When you have a lot of bundles, skip count them by tens.

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Halloween Dramatic Play

You may also love this Magic School dramatic play area. You grab it here.


More Awesome Pumpkin Themed Activities


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Fall Themed Place Value Centers

Below is a sneak preview at my new place value centers. I designed them with the common core in mind and made them hands-on and fun!

All of the centers feature a cute fall / autumn theme, but they can be used all year round. I really love the cute apple and pumpkin clip art! The centers are designed to be used with base ten blocks, popsicle sticks or connecting cubes.



These place value activities are great for kids working on two digit numbers. Each center also includes a set of worksheets to help kids consolidate their skills.

Kids learn a skills such as bundling tens, identifying tens and ones, building numbers with concrete materials, comparing numbers using math symbols, writing expanded form and identifying ten more and ten less.



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You can download your free place value pumpkin activities below.



Happy Teaching :)


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