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Robot Rhyming Mats


These rhyming robot mats help kids develop phonological awareness. They’re a fun addition to Pre-K, Preschool or Kindergarten literacy centers.

Robot Rhyming Activities

These robot rhyming mats are a fun way to help kids identify words that rhyme

Preparation –  Start by printing and laminating the robot rhyming mats for added durability. Next, cut along the dotted lines to separate the mats. After that, grab a basket of clothes pins. I love using the mini clothes pins, which you can often find at craft stores.


How To Play – Begin by chatting about how rhyming words sound the same. Next, grab one of the mats to give an example of a rhyming pair. For example, point to the picture on the left side of the mat and say “sun”. Then thinking out loud and pointing at the pictures say “Which picture rhymes with sun? Sun, run or sun, pot? Sun and run rhyme, so I am going to place my clothes pin on run”. After that get the kids to find the rhyming pairs on the other mats.

Extension Activity –  Once the kids can easily identify pictures that rhyme, encourage them to think of other words that rhyme. For example, “Cat and hat rhyme. I wonder what else rhymes with cat and hat? Cat, hat, mat, sat…”


<<Grab your free robot rhyming mats below.>>


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