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Shark Addition Activities


These fun shark addition games help kids learn sums up to 20. They’re fun for kids in pre-k, kindergarten or first grade – especially during Shark Week!

Shark Addition Activities – Option 1

I’ve wanted to create a math resource that uses playing cards for so long. So as you can imagine, I’m super excited about this new shark math game!

Preparation – Begin by laminating the work mat. Alternatively you can put it into a dry erase pocket sleeve (I ordered mine online from eBay). You’ll also need to grab an erasable marker and a deck of playing cards (with the joker, jack, queen and king removed).

How to play – Start by splitting the cards into two decks and place them on the work mat. Next, turn the top two cards over. Then ask the kids to read the sum and write the answer in the shark’s mouth. Kids can also write the sums on the recording sheet that’s included. Continue adding different number combinations until the recording sheet is finished.

Tip – For kids working on sums up to ten, limit the number of cards you put in each pile. For example, you may have the numbers 2, 3 and 4 in one pile and a few higher numbers in the other pile.


Shark Addition Activities – Option 2

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Then sort the playing cards into two decks based on the type of fish. Kids will also need an erasable marker or a pencil to write on the recording sheet.

How to Play – Turn over two cards and say the sum. After that encourage the kids to solve the sum by counting the number of fish. Once they’ve worked out their answer they can write it in the shark’s mouth or on the recording sheet. Continue playing until the recording sheet is filled.


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