Spider Addition Activities


These spider addition activities are a fun addition to math centers in Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade. You can adapt the sums to suit the learning needs of the kids.

Spider Addition with Ping Pong Balls


Before I launch into a “how to” for this activity, I’ll share something I’ve learnt about ping pong balls for learning activities. Once you’ve written on a ping pong ball, even with a whiteboard marker, the ink remains! So if you have a lot of lovely ping pong balls and are prepared to commit to keeping whatever you write on them – go for it! If not, scroll down and check out the other alternative. 😊

Preparation – Grab some ping pong balls and write some sums on them with a fine tip marker. Then pop them into a basket. I ordered a whole bunch of colored ping pong balls on eBay but you can generally find them in dollar stores too. Next, laminate the work mat or pop it into a clear pocket sleeve. You’ll also need some counters. I found some cute spider figurines to use in the Halloween decoration section of a dollar store. Also I found the ping pong balls tend to roll away… You can solve this by putting it on some sticky tack or in a milk lid.

How to Play – Grab a ping pong ball and read the sum. Next, model the sum on the webs using the spider counters. There’s also a recording sheet for kids to write each sum they solve. Continue playing until the recording sheet has been completed and then check the answers.



Spider Addition with Printable Sums

This is a great alternative if you prefer not to use ping pong balls, which I originally picked thinking they’d be really cool pretend spider eggs!

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the work mat for added durability. You can also pop it in a clear pocket sleeve. Next, grab some counters – Halloween flies and spiders are really fun to use. You can usually pick these up from the dollar store around Halloween time. Then you just need to print the pre-typed sums or write your own on the blank circles. I am a bit obsessed with neon paper, it makes everything look so fun! So I recommend printing the sums on colored paper if you have some. The only other thing you’ll need is a pencil and the recording sheet.

How to Play –  Place a sum on the circle (so it looks like the spider is holding a spider egg). First, read the sum. Next, model the sum on the two webs. Finally, record the sums on the recording sheet. Keep repeating the process until the recording sheet has been completed.


<<Grab these free addition activities by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. >>

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