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Ten Frames Activities for Numbers 0 to 30


These ten frames activities help kids develop counting and number recognition skills. You can differentiate learning by focusing on numbers 0-10, 0-20 or 0-30. They make a great addition to math centers in Preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten.

Number Recognition Activities

This number train is a super fun way to help kids develop their counting and number recognition skills.

Preparation – Print and laminate the number train for added durability. Next cut out the pieces and join them together with some tape. After that attach some velcro dots to the number train and the back each number card.

How to Play – Start by counting the number of dots on the ten frame. Then find the number that matches that amount and place it above the train carriage. Continue playing until all of the numbers have been sorted. Finally read the numbers from left to right to make sure they’re in the correct order.


<<<Grab these ten frames number train activities here>>>

Counting and Number Recognition Activities for 0-30

I like differentiating learning by including activities that focus on numbers up to 10, 20 and 30. So I created a set of number mats, counting clip cards and ten frames worksheets – each focusing on a different set of numbers. This way the kids can be working on the same activity, but at their level. You can check out examples of the activities below.

Number Activities for 0 to 10


<<<Get these ten frames activities for 0 to 10 here>>>

Numbers Activities for 0 to 20


<<<Find these ten frames activities for 0 to 20 here>>>

Numbers Activities for 0 to 30


<<<Grab these ten frames activities for 0 to 30 here>>>

I hope you find these number train and ten frames activities helpful. I’ve included instruction pages within the resource itself. You can grab them by clicking the purple download button below.


Number Chart with Ten Frames 0 to 30

If you’re looking for a fun set of number posters with ten frames to display in your classroom or homeschool room, then be sure to check out this Number Train Wall Chart. It joins together easily with clear tape to form a long banner.


<<<Get the Number Posters with Ten Frames here>>>


More Number Activities

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