ZOO Pom Pom Mats


These FREE zoo pom pom mats help kids learn to match colors. They’re also a fun way to develop fine motor skills.

Zoo Themed Pom Pom Mats


I printed the zoo pom pom mats and laminated them for added durability. Then I filled a basket with small pom poms in the colors of red, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow. Next I grabbed some tools to pick up the pom poms such as chopsticks, tweezers and small tongs.

How To Play

The kids began by naming the colors of the pom poms. Then I explained to the kids that they need to find a pom pom with the same color as the circle and then place it on top. I modeled how to play using one zoo pom pom mat. I pointed at a yellow circle and said “This circle is yellow, so I need to put a yellow pom pom here”.  After that the kids had a turn on their own and I assisted as required. The kids experimented picking up the pom poms with the tweezers, tongs and chopsticks – which was a bit tricky at first, but lots of fun!



If you are looking for some more fun color matching activities, you may also like these Alphabet Activities, which include bingo dauber worksheets and a complete set of alphabet pom pom mats.



To download the zoo pom pom mats click on the download button below.


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