Beginning Sounds Clip Cards


Kids will love identifying beginning sounds with these super cute alphabet clip cards!

Alphabet Clip Cards

The clip cards feature three answer options to help kids recall the correct initial sounds. I made it so the answer options align with the common sequence that letter sounds are introduced. So for example, you’ll notice that the first few cards are based around the SATPIN letters. In my class I prefer to use the cards with letter sounds that the kids have learnt, so if we’re not up to initial sounds like ‘x’ and ‘z’ I leave those ones out.

Preparation: Print, laminate and cut the cards.

To Play: Place the beginning sound clip cards next to a basket of pegs. Get the kids to say what the picture is such as dinosaur and place a peg on the correct answer ‘/d/ for dinosaur’. You can add a dot or sticker behind the answers so that kids can check if they were right. As the kids become more familiar with the alphabet and the beginning sounds of each letter, I introduce the full set of clip cards.

Free Beginning Sound Clip CardsPin

You can grab this fun freebie below. :)



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