Vowel Team Clip Cards


These vowel teams clip cards help kids learn vowel teams and dipthongs. They’re a great addition to first grade and second grade literacy centers.

The clip cards feature three answer options to help kids recall the correct spelling of each vowel team.

Preparation:  Begin by printing and laminating the clip cards for added durability. Next, cut the clip cards out and then grab a basket of clothes pins. I love using the mini clothes pins, which can often be found in craft stores.

To Play: First place the phonics clip cards next to a basket of pegs. Then get the kids to sound out the word, such as rain /r/ /ai/ /n/ and place a peg on the correct answer. You can add a dot or sticker behind the answers so that kids can check if they were right.

Free Vowel Team Clip Cards - Fairy PoppinsPin

Grab these free long vowel activities below.



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This comprehensive set of over 150 phonics posters includes 3 designs to choose from. The posters cover a range of things such as digraphs, blends, dipthongs, vowel teams, r influenced vowels, trigraphs, and three letter blends. #phonicscharts #phonicsposters #digraphs #dipthongs #blends #endingblends #rinfluencedvowels #bossyr #trigraphs #3letterblendsPin                                                                                                                                                     

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