Community Helpers – Sort & Classify Mats


These free community helper sort and classify mats are so much fun for kids learning about people who help us!

These mats come in two styles, blank mats and mats with pictures. The mats with the pictures can be great for young children who enjoy matching and finding the picture that is the “same”.


First I printed and laminated the community helper mats and cards. Then I cut along the dotted lines to separate the cards.


How to Play

Start by spreading the community helper sort and classify mats around a table. Then put the sorting cards in the middle of the table.

To begin, ask a child to pick up a card and say what it is. For example, they may pick up a picture of a fire truck. Talk about which community helper might drive a fire truck. Then ask the child to find the fire truck on the firefighter mat and place the card on top. The children can continue playing until all of the cards are sorted.


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You can grab these free Community Helper mats from my TpT store.



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