Addition & Subtraction


These addition and subtraction activities help kids learn to solve number stories and word stories. They’re a great addition to kindergarten and first grade math centers.

Number Story Craft

Preparation – First print the number story worksheets. Then grab some paint and stamps.

How to Play – Begin by getting the kids to tell a number story. For example, “If there are four butterflies and three beetles join them, then there would be seven insects altogether.” Next, get the kids to write the sum and model the story using pictures.

Tip – This activity is also fun to do with drawings or stickers.


Addition & Subtraction Work Mats

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Then grab some counters and an erasable marker.


Tip – If you don’t have math counters items such as glass gems, coins, buttons and pom poms are fun to use.


How to Play – Begin by reading a task card. Next, count out the number of counters that you are going to subtract from. After that, move the counters you need to take away to create a visual representation of the sum. Finally, write the subtraction number sentence on the work mat.

Number Story Worksheets

I created a few differentiated worksheets for kids to create their own number stories. Kids working at a beginning level are suited to the worksheets that focus on making a picture and writing a number sentence. Fun ways to do this include drawing, using stamps or using stickers.


I also created a set worksheets with pictures to help kids learn how to solve simple addition and subtraction word problems.



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