Hands-On Australian Money Activities


Teaching kids about Australian money is so much fun! Here are some fun money activities for kids in year one, year two and year three.

Australian Money Activities

There are so many fun maths centres you can set up to help kids learn about money. One of my all time favourites would have to be setting up a class shop!

I’ve made a variety of fun hands-on Australian Money Games and Puzzles, some of which you can see below. Most of the activities are easy to prepare and require only a few materials such as dice, counters and play money. 

<<Learn more about the Australian money games and puzzles here.>>

Australian math centres, games and activities. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin




Australian Money Worksheets

In my class, I do most of my maths teaching through hands-on activities. But I also love student friendly worksheets for reviewing concepts. With the Australian curriculum outcomes in mind I created a set of NO Prep Australian Money Worksheets. These cover skills such as ordering coins, identifying the features of coins of notes, counting small amounts of coins and notes, and giving change.



<<You can check out these activities here.>>

Australian money worksheets for year 1, year 2 and year 3. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


<<Learn more about the bundled version of the money activities here.>>


Australian money worksheets, math centres, games and activities. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

Australian Money Freebies

Below are a couple of Australian money freebies. I hope you find them helpful.

Word Wall Cards

These word cards can be used to help introduce the topic of money to your students. I love using them as a bulletin board display and also as part of my mat sessions when I’m introducing the topic of money.


Free Australian money word wall of Australian coins and notes. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


Money Posters

These posters can be added to your maths bulletin board. Alternatively, you can use them for money ordering or sorting activities. For example, the kids can arrange the posters in order from the smallest coin to the biggest note. Alternatively, you can spread them out and the kids can sort play money onto them.

Free Australian money Posters of Australian coins and notes. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

Happy Teaching :)!

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