How to Make Grass Heads to Teach Plant Life Cycles


Grass heads are a fantastic hands-on project if you’re looking to teach kids about the plant life cycle, especially the grass life cycle. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they also provide a visual representation of how plants grow from seeds. The following grass head activities are an awesome addition to a plants science unit!

How To Make a Grass Head

There are a few different ways to make a grass head. One popular way is to use nylon stockings or tights. Another way is to use cotton wool and a cup. Personally, I would go for the cup version if working with younger students because they’re easier to make and more budget friendly. But if you’re working with older students, you may prefer the stocking version.

Stocking Version


  • Nylon stockings or tights
  • Grass seeds
  • Potting soil or cotton wool
  • Small yogurt pots or plastic cups
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Rubber bands or string
  • Water
  • Decorative materials like ribbons, markers, etc. (optional)

Steps to Create a Grass Head:

  1. Begin by gathering all your materials in one place.
  2. Cut the foot section off a nylon stocking. Stretch the stocking and add a tablespoon of grass seeds to the toe part. This will be the grass head’s “scalp.”
  3. After the seeds, fill the stocking with potting soil or cotton wool until it forms a ball shape, roughly the size of a tennis ball.
  4. Twist the open end of the stocking and secure it with a rubber band or string, leaving a tail. This tail will absorb water, helping the seeds germinate.
  5. Place your grass head on top of a yogurt pot or plastic cup, with the tail end inside the cup.
  6. Decorate your grass head with googly eyes, draw a face and get creative!
  7. Ensure the tail of the stocking is always in water. This will allow the seeds to absorb moisture and start the germination process.

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Cup Version


  • Clear plastic cups
  • Grass seeds
  • Cotton wool
  • Water
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Permanent markers or stickers for decoration

Steps to Create a Grass Head:

  1. Begin by placing a layer of cotton wool at the bottom of the plastic cup. Ensure it’s thick enough to hold the seeds but not so thick that it takes up the entire cup.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of grass seeds onto the cotton wool layer. The seeds should be spread out but can be close together.
  3. Place another layer of cotton wool on top of the seeds, pressing down gently. This ensures the seeds are sandwiched between the cotton layers.
  4. Decorate the outside of the cup. Kids can stick on googly eyes, draw faces, or use stickers to personalize their grass head.
  5. Moisten the cotton wool with water, ensuring it’s damp but not overly saturated. The moisture will initiate the germination process.

How Long Does a Grass Head Take To Grow?

You should notice the grass seeds beginning to germinate and sprout after about 7-10 days. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the grass life cycle with students. The grass heads should have a full head of grass after about 3-4 weeks. Then the kids can have fun giving their grass heads a stylish hair cut!

Grass Head Life Cycle Activities

I’ve created a variety of printables and activities to help kids learn about the life cycle of plants – specifically grass! You can check out an example of a science center and some of the life cycle activities below.


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Begin by reading kids the printable book “Life Cycle of Grass”, which helps describe each stage of the grass life cycle. Next kids can complete a grass life cycle activity and create their very own grass head!


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Kids can record their observations of the grass growth in the printable science journal. I’ve also included a grass labeling activity and craft, which is a super fun way to develop scissor skills too!


<<<Get these life cycle activities here>>>

I hope you find these activities helpful. This is one of my all time favorite science activities for teach kids about plant life cycles! You can grab these science activities below.



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