Planet Activities and Space Crafts for Kids


These planet crafts and space activities help kids learn about the planets in our solar system. They’re a fun way to teach kids the planet names and structure of each planet. 

Planets in Our Solar System

The following planet crafts and activities help kids learn about Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I’ve included Pluto too so kids can have the opportunity to learn about a dwarf planet. I like introducing one planet at a time so that kids can learn the planet name and some interesting facts about this planet.

Planet Crafts

Begin by printing the planet template. Then paint the planet with acrylic paint and allow it to dry. After that cut the planet out. Kids can paste on some eyes and draw a face too if they wish.

Planet Worksheets

There are few different worksheets to choose from.

  1. Labeling – This activity helps kids learn about the internal structure of the planet. Just be mindful the vocabulary is quite advanced, so young students will need to complete this activity with adult support. It’s very interesting for kids to learn about though!
  2. Description – Begin by researching some facts about the planet. Next write the facts in the circles. Finally color in the planet with crayons or pencils.
  3. Writing Facts – There are two styles of worksheets to choose from. First the kids need to research some facts about the planets. After that they need to record them on the worksheet.

Recommended Website

I love the NASA website Space Place for researching planet facts for kids. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

Examples of Completed Planet Crafts

Mercury Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Mercury activities here>>>

Venus Craft and Activities


<<<Get these Venus activities here>>>

Earth Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Earth activities here>>>

Mars Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Mars activities here>>>

Jupiter Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Jupiter activities here>>>

Saturn Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Saturn activities here>>>

Uranus Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Uranus activities here>>>

Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System

I grew up learning that Pluto was a planet in our solar system. But as you are most likely aware, it is now considered a dwarf planet and too small to be considered one of the main planets. You can learn more about Pluto on NASA’s Space Place website here.

Pluto Craft and Activities


<<<Grab these Pluto activities here>>>

You can grab all of these planet crafts and activities by clicking the purple download button below.


More Space Activities for Kids

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