Snowman Feelings Activities for Winter


These winter feelings activities help kids learn to identify basic emotions. The winter activities include a set of snowman playdough mats and worksheets. These are a fun addition to winter centers in Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten!

I love the following activities for teaching kids basic emotions such as happy, sad, angry, scared, excited and surprised. The snowman clip art is SO cute!

Winter Feelings Playdough Mats

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the feelings playdough mats for added durability. Alternatively, you can put them inside a dry erase pocket sleeve (I ordered mine online from eBay). Next, you’ll need to grab some playdough. Finally, get an erasable marker and damp cloth. Now you’re all set to go!

How to Play – First name the feeling and write the word with an erasable marker. Then knead the playdough to create a feelings face that shows what that feeling looks like. The kids can refer to the snowman face in the corner if they get stuck.


Winter Feelings Worksheet Activities

Worksheet 1 – Match the Feelings

This worksheet helps kids to identify basic emotions. First they need to look at the feeling on each snowman’s face. Next they have to draw a line from the face to the matching feeling. Finally they can trace the feeling word with a pencil.


Feelings Check In Worksheet

Worksheet 2 – Today I feel Worksheet

This snowman activity is a fun way to check how each of the kids are feeling. Start by getting them to draw how they feel on the blank face. Then they need to describe how they feel by completing the sentence “Today I feel…”. I drew the face with crayon and then lightly painted over it with water colors.


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More Feelings Activities for Kids

You may also love the following sets of playdough mats, which help kids identify a wider variety of emotions and can be used all year round!


<<Grab these emotions playdough mats here>>



<<Grab these emoji playdough mats here>>

More Fun Winter Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for more fun winter freebies, be sure to check out the links below.




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FREE Winter Resources Bundle – 100 Free Winter Activities!

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