Syllable Activities to Develop Phonological Awareness


These counting syllables activities include a variety of games and worksheets to help kids develop their phonological awareness. They make a great addition to Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten literacy centers.

What Do Children Learn From Syllables?

Let’s talk about why learning about syllables is super important when kids are getting the hang of reading and speaking. Think of syllables as the building blocks of words. When kids learn to split words into syllables, it helps them tune into the sounds that make up the word. This really helps them when they’re trying to read or spell new words. Plus, it makes it easier for them to say words correctly and read smoothly. So, understanding syllables is a big help in getting good at reading and writing!

Syllables Games and Activities

When teaching syllables, I like to use fun activities that get kids to really listen to the sounds in words. I start with picture cards to get things rolling, but the main goal is to help the kids tune into the different sounds in a word. I’ve put together a cool set of tools for this, including posters with teaching tips, 96 syllable sorting cards, and nine engaging activities to do with your students. You can check out some photos of these activities below.

If you’re just starting out with teaching syllables, a good place to begin is with compound words like “snowman” and “cupcake.” These are easier for kids to grasp. Once they get the hang of blending and splitting these compound words, I move on to multisyllabic words, which can have anywhere from one to five syllables.



<<<Get these Syllable Games here>>>



<<<Grab these Syllable Games here>>>


Syllables Worksheets

Start off by showing kids how to find syllables in easy compound words, such as “rainbow” and “popcorn.” Once they’re good at that, you can introduce them to words with three or more syllables. The worksheets I’ve prepared are divided into three levels to help with this:

  • Level 1 focuses on words with 1 to 2 syllables.
  • Level 2 expands to words with 1 to 3 syllables.
  • Level 3 covers words with 1 to 4 syllables, and there’s even one worksheet that includes a word with up to 5 syllables.

Syllable Sort

In this activity, kids cut out the pictures and identify the number of syllables (e.g. by clapping). Then they paste the picture in the correct column.

Syllable worksheet activities (differentiated) - Fairy PoppinsPin

Syllable Count

In this activity, kids need to count the number of syllables (e.g. by clapping). Then they need to shade the number of syllables.

Counting syllables worksheet activities - Fairy PoppinsPin

Dot The Syllables

In this activity, kids need to look at the picture and identify the number of syllables. Then they dot the number of syllables using a bingo dauber or stamp.

Syllable worksheets (dot the syllables) - Fairy PoppinsPin

Syllable Assessment

The following assessment is simple to carry out. Show the child one flashcard at a time. Ask them to show you the number of syllables (e.g. by clapping them).

As you go along, mark their answers on the recording sheet.

Syllable assessment - Fairy PoppinsPin


<<<Get these Syllable Worksheets here>>>


More Counting Syllables Activities

Here is a free set of space syllables you may like. Grab your copy by clicking on the purple download button below.

Free space syllables activity ~ Fairy PoppinsPin



Happy Teaching! :)

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