Valentine’s Day Math Activities for Kids


These Valentine’s Day math activities are such a fun addition to February centers! The math centers cover skills such as counting, number identification, colors, patterning, measurement and shapes! They’re suitable for kids in Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Valentine’s Day Math Centers

The following activities are fairly low prep and require just a few basic math materials such as popsicle sticks, dice and counters.

Numbers 0 to 30

When teaching kids numbers up to thirty, I find it helpful to have resources that focus on different levels. For example, some kids may be focusing on numbers up to ten while others are ready to embrace the challenge of learning teen numbers or numbers up to thirty. So with the following number activities, you can choose work mats that focus on numbers up to 10, 20 or 30 – hooray!


<<< Grab these number activities here>>

Counting Mats

These counting mats are a fun addition to Valentine’s day activities. They’re super easy to prep and all you need is the one work mat, number cards and some counters. I used some red and pink transparent counters to go with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Begin by placing a number on the mat. Next read the number and count that amount onto the ten frame. I encourage students to count aloud and say each number as they touch the counter. Then once they’ve finished counting I ask them to re-count and tell me how many there are.


<<< Grab these counting activities here>>

Other Valentine’s Day Math Activities

If you want to mix up your math centers and include some measurement and geometry, then be sure to check out the following activities too. Kids can use non-standard measurement units such as cubes to measure the various pictures. There’s also a set of patterning cards.


<<< Grab these Valentine’s Day math activities here>>

Color Identification Activities

These cute Valentine’s Day color matching mats include both American and Australian spelling – yay! Younger children can match the printable hearts to the mats. Under supervision, older children can try sorting pom poms onto the mats with tweezers. This is a fun way to develop fine motor skills too.



<<< Grab these color activities here>>

2D Shape Playdough Mats

I love creating resources that can be used in multiple ways – must be all the reading I’ve been doing on minimalism! Anyway, these playdough mats can be used with playdough, erasable markers or counters. You could even use them as sorting mats. Each shape mat features a super cute Valentine’s snail with a 2D shape shell – so cute!


<<< Grab these shapes activities here>>

If you’d like to learn more about any of these Valentine’s Day math centers click on the download link below. I’ve made another set of math centers that focuses on comparing numbers, addition and subtraction. You can learn more about that here.



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