Digraph Clip Cards


These free digraphs clip cards focus on beginning and final sounds. They’re a fun addition to first grade phonics activities.

What is a digraph?

A digraph is easy to spot because when you say it, you can only hear one sound and not the individual sounds of each letter. For example, if you say “sh” you can only hear that sound and not the individual sounds of /s/ and /h/ .

Digraph Clip Cards

I love using clip cards during morning work or literacy rotations. They’re  easy to prep and are a fun way to reinforce phonics and fine motor skills. 

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the cards for added durability. Then grab a basket of clothes pins. I love using the mini clothes pins, which you can often find at craft stores.

How to Play – Begin by choosing a digraph clip card to focus on. Next ask the kids to sound out the word, such as lunch /l/ /u/ /n/ /ch/ and place a clothes pin on the correct answer. Then continue playing until all of the cards have been completed.

Tip – You can add a dot or sticker behind the answers so that kids can check if they were right.

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You may also like the following worksheet activities. These are easy enough for kids to complete as independent work during literacy rotations or for homework. You can use the worksheets separately or combine them with the cover page to create a workbook.

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