2D Shapes Clip Cards


These fun 2D shapes clip cards are a fun addition to Easter or spring math centers. They are best suited to kids in Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Easter Chick 2D Shapes Clip Cards

I love these cute 2D shapes clip cards! They’re a fun way for kids to use their fine motor skills and identify common shapes such as a circle, triangle and square.



Preparation – Begin by printing and laminating the clip cards for added durability. Next, attach the storage label to a task box or snap lock bag. After that, you’ll just have to grab some clothes pins. I prefer using mini clothes pins, which are usually available from craft or stationary stores. They’re so cute and fit the clip cards perfectly!

How to Play – Start by choosing a clip card. First look at the chick and name the shape. Second look for the shape that is the same as the chick. Finally, clip the answer with a clothes pin. Continue playing until all of the shapes have been found.



Tip – With clip cards, it can be useful to add a dot behind the answers (on the back of the card). Then the kids can flip the card over if they get stuck and self correct their answer.

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