All About Me Writing Craft


This free “All About Me” writing craft is great to do as a back to school activity for kids in preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. It’s also a fun addition to an “All About Me” unit.

All About Me Craft

This fun “All About Me” craft looks super cute on display – especially at back to school time! I love seeing the different designs kids come up with.


Print the self portrait template on a variety of colors. Thick paper or card stock is useful if you are planning on using water based paints such as dyes. I sometimes increase the size to A3 so there is more space for the kids to work on. Then decide what kind of art materials you’d like the kids to use. Here are a few combinations I’ve tried over the years that work well:

  • Collage Materials – Colored yarn, small popsicle sticks, google eyes, scrap fabric, small bits of crepe paper or scrap paper, ribbons and acrylic paint. You’ll also need PVA glue and brushes. I’ve tried using chenille sticks for the mouths, but found these tend to fall off. Tip – To make hair easily, wrap some yarn around your fingers a number of times so it forms a big oval, then make a cut at the top and bottom of the oval. To make longer hair, wrap the oval so it’s a bit bigger – so quite loose around your fingers.
  • Acrylic Paint – Select a variety of colors for facial features such as black, brown, yellow, orange, red and pink. Then add a few other colors for the clothing such as purple, green and blue.
  • Crayons or Oil Pastels and Edicol Dye – This look works best on thick white paper or cardstock, so you can see the lovely colors made by the dye.



How to Create the “About Me”Self Portrait

If you have a mirror available, encourage the kids to have a look at themselves in the mirror. Ask them to have a look at the different parts on their face, their hair color and eye color. Then the kids can begin creating their “Me” self portrait masterpiece. Get them to start by writing their name at the top of the paper. Kids can also use foam letter stickers to write the names.

Collage – If you’re doing the collage option, lay out a variety of materials for the kids to choose from along with some PVA glue and brushes. Dip trays or recycled meat trays are useful ways of organizing collage materials.

Painting – If the kids will be using acrylic paints, you may like to set up the templates on the painting easels near a paint pot stand.

Crayons and Dye – If the kids are going to be using edicol dyes, get them to decorate their self portrait with the crayons or oil pastels first. Using a white crayon can be a fun way to write the each kid’s name. I usually explain it as magic writing i.e. You can’t see it now, but when you paint over it your name will magically appear!

Special Effects – I’m a self-confessed glitter loving teacher! If you don’t mind a bit of sparkle (or the post glitter mess), then once the kids have finished they can add some glitter to their “About Me” self-portait. It often looks really cute near their names.



All About Me Quiz

This “All About Me” worksheet comes in both an American and Australian spelling version. Kids begin by writing their name. Next they record how old they are in years. To do this, they can circle their age or use a bingo dauber. Then there’s a few questions to answer. I usually scribe the answers for really young children and encourage older children to write the answers themselves.

You can grab this “About Me” back to school freebie by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the page.

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Grab the free “About Me” self portrait template and worksheet below.


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