Turtle Rhyming Puzzles


These free rhyming puzzles help kids learn to identify CVC words that rhyme. They’re great for kids in preschool and kindergarten.


Rhyming is an important skill that helps kids develop their phonological awareness. I teach rhyming in two phases – identifying rhyme and generating rhyme.

To teach kids to identify rhyme, I love activities such as laying out three pictures, saying the words such as “dog, cat, log” and then asking them “What rhymes? Dog, cat? Or dog, log?”. Once the kids can identify words that rhyme, then I move on to generating words that rhyme. This is when you say a word such as “frog” and the kids come up with a word that rhymes on their own. So you may ask “What’s a word that rhymes with frog?” and they may reply with a word like frog, log or dog.


Turtle Rhyming Puzzles

The aim of these rhyming puzzles is to help kids identify simple CVC words that rhyme. The puzzles feature a cute turtle theme and varied lines to help kids self-correct.


Preparation – Print and laminate the rhyming puzzles for added durability. Cut along the lines to separate the puzzles. I usually store my puzzles in a sandwich size zip lock bag.

How to Play – Spread the cards out on a flat surface such as a table. Choose a turtle head, look at the picture and say the word that rhymes – such as “fox”. Then find the other half of the turtle with the word that rhymes – such as “box”. Continue to match the turtles by finding each pair of pictures that rhyme.

You can grab your free turtle rhyming pictures by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this page.

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